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Arizona Farmers MarketWe have reached more than 2,500 homes with feeders and nectar thanks to our program. Tucson TV news, Sierra Vista Herald, and Arizona PBS TV documentary. Hummingbirds are visiting new feeding sites reducing the risk of diseases from many birds at one single site. Community is fully engage in the participation, and also in the awareness of the importance of conservation of birds. Please see bellow some of the comments from local participants.

Passing along comments from locals.

  • " You guys have changed my mornings. I got a feeder two weeks ago and now I spend each morning watching the hummers".
  • "This programs shows the difference between a company that cares about birds and a company that only cares about the business, Thank you"



"Hummingbirds are definitely looking for food at feeders. There are reports of Magnificent hummingbird down by the San Pedro river. At Ramsey Canyon we had 9 species and at least 100 birds in 7 feeders (More than usual). It was impressing to see 5 males Blue-Throated together with Calliopes, Violet-crowned, White-eared, Broad-Billed, Broad-tailed, Rufous, Magnificent and Anna's. It is sad to see how much hummingbird habitat was burned." Reports Mario Olmos




Hummingbirds Swarm Feeders

“Feeding stations are swarming with birds,” noted Sheri Williamson author of the Peterson Field Guide to Hummingbirds and Director of The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory. “The high numbers of birds at feeders indicates there isn’t enough food available naturally to support the population.”