All About Grains


midwest seed blendA smart mix of seed varieties full of oil, fat and calories are essential components for healthy wild birds. Find out about the different grains KAYTEE® uses and how they address nutritional needs of wild birds.

Black Oil SunflowerBlack Oil Sunflower: This is the most popular seed for wild birds. It has a high oil content which provides the energy wild birds need to thrive. It also has a thin hull that makes it easier for colorful songbirds to eat. It is highly desired by the widest variety of birds.
Stripe Sunflower
Striped Sunflower:
This sunflower has larger meat that appeals to songbirds that have bills large enough to crack the larger, tougher hull. Stripe sunflower attracts more Cardinals, Grosbeaks and Chickadees.
Hulled Sunflower ChipsHulled Sunflower Chips: How can you make sunflower even more appealing to colorful songbirds? Remove the hull! It has the same high nutrition as sunflower but is easier to eat because it is smaller and has no hulls. This means less mess under the feeder and it will not grow, so you won’t have the plants either.
Know for its attraction to Cardinals, safflower is another high-oil content grain that will attract other species as well. It also has a bitter taste that squirrels dislike.
Peanuts: Provides high levels of fat and protein – important in the diets of many backyard birds. Preferred by Jays, Woodpeckers, Titmice and Nuthatches.
Mixed Nuts
Mixed or Assorted Nuts: An assortment of nuts gives variety while providing high levels of oil and protein. Nuts are preferred by Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Jays.
Nyjer®: This very small, black seed is rich in oil and protein, and is high in nutrition. If you like the bright yellow color of the Goldfinch, fill a finch sock with Nyjer.
Millet: A good source of starch and protein.  Is a favorite of many backyard birds including Juncos and Sparrows.
Cracked Corn
Cracked Corn: A good source of oil and starch.  It’s especially valuable to feed during the Winter months because of the energy it produces for birds. Cracked corn is preferred by Sparrows and Jays.

Red Milo: Provides starch and protein. Juncos and Doves eat milo.
Wheat: Provides starch and protein. Though not a preferred grain a variety of birds eat wheat grains.