Regional Blends

Regional Blends US MapKAYTEE® NEW Regional Blend varieties are specially formulated to appeal to songbirds prominent in that region. The science behind this extraordinary mix is based on seed preferences and visual perception of songbirds typically found in the four major areas of the United States.

Select your blend below to begin attracting the most beautiful birds in your neighborhood!

Southern Blend

Southern songbirds including Finches, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, Painted Buntings and Carolina Chickadees will flock to your feeders.

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Western Blend

The West is full of exclusive bird species. Invite Chestnut-Backed Chickadees, Golden-Crowned Sparrows and California Towhees to your bird feeders.

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Northeast Blend

Lure birds found in the Northeast including Cardinals, Purple Finches and Evening Grosbeaks with our specially formulated blend.


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Midwest Blend

Northern Cardinals, White-Crowned Sparrows and Indigo Buntings are distinctive Midwestern species. Use this unique blend to help attract them to your backyard.


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